Come Up Here – God

COme Up here

Correct me if I’m wrong but I haven’t found a passage in the New Testament where the apostles prayed/preached/taught about asking for God/Jesus/Holy Spirit to come down…but I do see where God/Jesus/Spirit telling John “Come up here” and another where a person was caught up in heaven. We bring heaven down to earth because heaven is where we are seated. We are temple/throne of God on earth. If we realize where we already are it would change our whole perspective on…everything

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  1. It always blows my mind and humbles, and challenges me when I let it dawn on me that I am an ambassador of the kingdom of heaven here on earth.
    Lack of knowledge and understanding about who we are as believers is the single greatest hindrance to the full manifestation of the power and glory of Christianity

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  2. Thank you for following my blog. I love spreading the Gospel and sharing with others what Jesus has done for us. I am enjoying what I am reading on your blog,I have decided to follow you also. We are Jesus’ light and we are important to God. We may be the only Jesus some people see, so it is wonderful to follow Jesus’ lead and live with His qualities in us–His compassion, doing everything with love for others, being joyful, faithful, forgiving, etc. It is nice to find another Christian blogger!

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  3. That is true. I think it’s one of those MANY things we say that we don’t realise exactly what we are saying. I never really thought about it till some months ago when the Lord revealed it to me in that i started cringing each time Christians said that. “Father/Jesus/Holy Spirit, come” and i remember thinking..,isn’t He already here? I stopped saying things like that myself and started emulating the way Jesus prayed. “Father, thank you…” He always started with an acknowledgement of the fact that it already is.
    So i start with,Father/Jesus/Holy Spirit, thank you for your presence/light/guidance..whatever. Or Father i know you are with me,thank you..! Just along those lines.

    We just have to know who we are and stop being afraid to have Him living in us. In Him we live, move and have our being.
    God bless you

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