God Is With Us


And His Name shall be called Immanuel. God is with us!

The incarnation is the single most beautiful and inviting thing to have ever happened in all of history. That the God who we kept distant, broke through our preconceived notions and obliterated our false views of Himself. We denied Him access to ourselves yet came inviting us to Himself.

He came wrapped in humanity as a faithful High Priest. In order to present us spotless, blameless and without reproach. He wrapped Himself in what was our fall in order to raise us up together where we first came from. In Him was LIFE and that LIFE was the LIGHT of men. He came running like a Father of long lost sons. Running to embrace everything unembraceable. He came to restore back the DNA of our Father. He included us in His relationship with Father and Holy Spirit. He welcomed us inside the beauty of the Trinity. He made us one with Him just like He is One with the Father.

He prepares a table of delicacies for us. He cooks for us. He serves us. He washes our feet. His anger rises against our enemies. They scatter. He plows our soil for His seed. He waters it. He gives the increase.

He joins Humanity with Divinity for Eternity. Never to be separated again. He came to set the record straight about Who He really is. He came to ransom us out of the enemy’s hand…and accomplished it. He came with God’s blood in order to pour in out on our behalf.

He came and invited us to His perichoresis. He became like us to we could become like Him. He came to never leave our side. He came and submitted Himself to us. God became flesh and walk with us. He traveled our roads and experienced our experiences. He hugged us. He kissed us. God loved us when we hated Him. He allowed our rejection of Him only to find Him on the other end waiting.

God is with us through the thick and thin. Never to leave or forsake. Forever entwined. His Glory, a cocoon of Himself in process of transfiguring us, metamorphosis. He came to that which was birthed out of Him. His own creation spitting at Him and reviling He who made them. Yet He embraced them by submitting to their way of death. He laid His life down by our hands. He exposed the principalities and powers making an open show of them. We cursed, He blessed. We lunged at Him, He didn’t move. We accused, He didn’t defend. God with us. God in us. God for us. God exists. God is here for you to experience in all His fullness. He came to rend a veil. Not only for our access of Him but His access to us.

He came to reconcile. He came to forgive. He came to set the prisoners free. He came to destroy religion. He came to reveal our Father.


“That is the best picture of what the incarnation means when we look at in its true context. For that is what happened in Jesus Christ from his birth to his resurrection. The Son of God entered into our broken, Fallen, alienated human existence. He took upon himself our fallen flesh. He stood in Adam’s shoes, in Israel’s shoes, in our shoes, and he steadfastly refused to be Adam, He refused to be Israel. He refused to be what we are.”
― C. Baxter Kruger, The Great Dance: The Christian Vision Revisited



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  1. I’m currently writing a book on systematic theology. The first unit is Theology Proper (theology about God), and within that I’ve wrestled with the notion of the Word becoming flesh. This is such a simple, and yet such a difficult subject. How can God become man? Does he cease to be God? Are we worshiping a mere man? As the rabbis debate, either we’re making God man, or man God, and either way that is blaspheme. Yet, I think that you captured it best in this statement:
    He welcomed us inside the beauty of the Trinity.
    We understand the incarnation by understanding what it means to be His Body. We understand God’s triunity by understanding what it means that in Christ we are one as He is one. These difficult things are not intellectually understood, but experientially understood. As I heard one young woman put it, “Oh, I know that God is, because He lives in me.”
    Grace, peace, and love to you, my dear friend.

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    1. Amen! I think people in general don’t understand it is because they don’t understand real other centered relationship. We don’t know what it really means to submit one to another, which is Trinity in actions. Oneness comes by relationship and not mathematics.

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  2. “He came to reconcile. He came to forgive. He came to set the prisoners free. He came to destroy religion. He came to reveal our Father.” Amen. Love this line.
    When we begin to understand the significance of the incarnation, and God is beginning to do that in a much greater degree of revelation these days, we begin to understand the significance of our worship and fellowship and union in Christ.
    Blessings to you, brother, and may these truths make us all the merrier this Christmas!

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