Prophetic Word


I am not a Prophet and do not claim to operate or stand in that office but I do believe God speaks to His friends.

So I feel prompted by the Lord to speak this Prophetic Word. I speak it in faith. Judge it according to the Spirit.

God is going to open the eyes of the Physicists as He opened the eyes of the Magi. Both Quantum Mechanics and Relativity. Dimensions are being opened and Paradigm Shifts are coming. New wineskins. New unshrunk clothes. I see God wiping the chalkboard clean and giving new formulas and protocols. I see theories being molded by the Spirit into realities. I see these as Secrets being given to His friends in those fields. God is saying He will be know by His creation and He will be given honor and He will be worshiped.

Again I am not a prophet and I do not claim to be. If this be from Him amen and if not, let it fall to the ground.

If you are reading this and have seen my blog before you will have notice I changed the theme. I was wondering if the previous one was hard to read due to small font size and slight color clashing and it was confirmed so I have chosen the current theme.

Blessings beloved of our Father!



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  1. I would agree with this. And I would also say that God is opening the church’s eyes to what is happening in science too. I’m reading a book now, “The Physics of Heaven” that’s fascinating. We’ve abdicated our role in this realm for too long, hiding in fear of the supernatural and staying stuck in our wooden interpretations of Scripture that we don’t really understand. In the meantime, we’ve let the New Age movement highjack quantum physics and walking in the supernatural in a counterfeit way. Ironically, science and the Bible are coming more into line everyday but much of the church is still stuck in the dark ages. We have to shed these old paradigms so that we come into sync with what God is doing. These are very exciting times if we would just open our eyes.

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  2. The Dimensions are a very keen point with me, my friend had a dream that someone said there were 7 Dimensions. Thats easy then just match up the redemptive gifts, but how to interact with them in the proper way. Think of the 7 heads of leviathan and you can see how the invisible realm, maybe leviathan parallels the soul realm can be tapped into.

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    1. I have a theory about DID and dimensions/trans-dimensional timelines. I don’t know if I would ever find out if it’s true unless God gave me a Seer gift or something. I’m a Teacher so I would really want to know if it’s legit.


  3. New physics has opened up and it has resulted in new formulas. It has opened up potential for great blessing but it is being used for military/destructive purposes. Intercession is needed as we have opened this ‘Pandora’s box.’ I am studying the reports of Bob Bearden who understands scalar waves and that new dimension.

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    1. This is exactly why the Church should take her place in the world. Scripture declares that the manifold wisdom of God would be made known through the Church yet the church refuses streams it doesn’t know. I’m tired of false answers to legitimate questions.


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