Egyptian Heresy Neurotoxin

Great insights and could be very helpful.

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God has been drawing my attention to the Egyptian heresy for quite some time.  Even though it is an old teaching, it became clear that it is an incomplete teaching.

In a nutshell, what we knew long ago was that it was “inside out, upside down and backwards.”  So we learned to follow the trail of illogical events to the root of Egyptian stuff.  For example, a man gave me a litany of medical problems his wife had, concluding with the fact that her cholesterol was over 600 and she had been a vegan for 30 years.

It was upside down, so I guessed Egyptian and opted to look at Freemasonry first.  One question confirmed that her father had been a 33rd degree Mason and they had done nothing about it.

That was our model up until recently.

Then we began looking more closely at the child-birth component.  Our belief is that the Hebrew midwives told…

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