When Your Feelings Aren’t Your Feelings

Two stories.

First one happened around 7 or so years ago. I was in Church. Then suddenly depressed. Out of nowhere. Sudden.

Second one happened this month. I was at work battling a sinus infection. But something else crept up on me. I’m Asthmatic so it’s not at all uncommon to wheeze from time to time but this was simple lack of breath. No wheeze. No cough. Inhaler didn’t work.

Both happenings were sudden. After the second happening died down to a close I learned that my wife, on the way to work, experienced a very stressful and frightening experience with an undercover police officer. She heard reports that the town North of us had a man impersonating a cop pulling people over. She thought this could be this person due to the circumstances so she called 911 to verify and while on the line she did pull over and the man, dressed in baggy pants and black jacket was yelling at her to slow down through her closed car window. 911 eventually did confirm he was a legit deputy. Needless to say it was very stressful for my wife and she cried because of it…all the while I had this shortness of breath episode out of nowhere.

During the first happening I told someone about it in the middle of experiencing it. Neither did I know anyone experiencing depression or feeling of hopelessness nor did I find out if anyone was. However the person who I told had a response that helped immensely and brought perspective:

Maybe those feelings or emotions aren’t yours…

Not mine! But I’m “feeling” them. Physically and soulishly and probably spiritually as well. It wasn’t just thoughts that I was having but a much deeper feeling. How could I be feeling something that isn’t mine or reacting emotionally by an outside influence not attached to me? Then this Scripture jumped out at me. Hebrews 5:14 says,

 But the solid food is for the mature— the ones because of habit having their faculties trained for discernment of both good and evil.

  • Food is Greek is trophē which means nourishment.
  • Mature in Greek is teleios which means wanting nothing necessary to completeness, that which is perfect.
  • Habit in Greek is a power acquired by custom, practice, use.
  • Faculties trained in Greek is aisthētērion and gymnazō which together mean an organ of perception exercised naked (in a palaestra or school of athletics) (Yes naked) (Humility I believe).
  • Discern in Greek is diakrisis which means a distinguishing, discerning, judging or judicial estimation or disputation.
  • Good in Greek is kalos which means beautiful, handsome, excellent, eminent, choice, surpassing, precious, useful, suitable, commendable, admirable.
  • Bad in Greek is kakos which means of a bad nature, not such as it ought to be or troublesome, injurious, pernicious, destructive, baneful.

Whew… That has partially satisfied by Teacher Redemptive Gift lol. (see http://www.sandylandry.com/ for more on Redemptive Gifts)

Faculties trained to discern. Other translations say “senses trained” or “exercised.” I have a “sense” and it can be “trained.”

Have you ever felt something out of nowhere? A feeling foreign to your current mode of being? A sudden and possibly overwhelming shift in thinking or emotional state? Maybe a house produces it? Maybe a particular piece of land? Maybe a person?

Most emotions and feelings we experience, fight against, and/or fight for come from a build up. We are either building ourselves up on or experiencing joy, love, and peace etc or fighting against depression, fear, anger, etc. Usually our feelings or emotions are responses to external or internal stimuli. These feelings have been stockpiled so to speak over the days, months, years, and decades. Our usual responses. But what I’m talking about is the outside the norm type experiences.

Now there are several other factors that can elicit abnormal feelings and emotions. Sudden loss of a family member or friend, loss of job, divorce, side effects from new medication or nutritional supplements, even certain foods. Never shrug off feelings or emotions. They almost always point to something or someone. Cause and effect if you will. The key is finding out why. Why am I suddenly feeling differently? Was I feeling this before? What is gradual? Did it come headlong? What is the Spirit of God saying? What is your spirit saying (see 1 Cor. 2:11 and Prov. 20:27)?

So how do our senses discern the difference? And why?

First, the “Why” can be answered this way. Simply because. We are called to be sons of God and the Bride of Christ. Now we are first and foremost spirit and spiritual people. There is much, much more going on around us then we can see in the natural. It helps to know what is happening around us with our senses. One of the Gifts of the Spirit is discerning of spirits (plural).

“How” is another interesting notion. We have 5 main physical senses that our body uses: sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste. All of these are used in Scripture to describe our relationship to the Lord and His relationship to us (see Psa. 85:8, Psa. 34:8, Gen. 32:22-32, and 2 Cor. 2:15). We also use these senses to relate to the world.

Our soul has mind, will, and emotions in which we relate to God, He relates to us, and we relate to the world(see 1 Cor. 2:16, Jer 29:11, Jer. 31:3). Our soul is the life of God.

And our spirit has creativity, intuition, conscience, fellowship, light bearing, and more in  which we relate to God, He relates to us…and we relate to the spiritual world (see Mark 2:8, 1 Cor. 2:11, John 4:24, Eph. 6:18, Rom. 8:16, Rom. 9:1).

We can utilize every aspect of who we are spirit, soul, and body to discern good and evil. We discern good all the time. There might be that someone who is just infectious with Joy. People can’t help but be filled with Joy when around them. Others might feel dirty, creeped out, and scared around another person or place…even when a person hasn’t opened their mouth, looked in their direction or the place has no affiliation with a person. Cemeteries tend to be a creepy place for some. Seminaries likewise.

Cold tends to be a feeling many feel from demonic or Alien Human Spirit presence in a house or person. Their hair stands on end (which can also happens with their jam comes on the radio so it can be good or bad). The feeling itself can be pretty neutral oftentimes. Discernment is key. I think the feelings are easy to come by but it’s the discernment that is attained via training our senses or the organ of perception as stated in the Greek. And how do we attain better discernment? Training and being led by the Spirit and our spirit. Our spirits know a whole lot more than our souls and bodies do. Our spirit is the light of God. It can illuminate what the soul and body cannot comprehend. 1 Cor. 2:14 says,

But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised

When we remain in the soul/body context of the natural world the feelings of good and evil can be very vague and we can attach these feelings to ourselves unless we are able to spiritually appraise them and come to the conclusion that maybe theses feelings aren’t feelings or if they are then maybe they aren’t mine.

But why discern things that aren’t yours? God is pretty big on community and co-laboring. Togetherness. So when one person can’t do something then we can pick up the slack. Are you feeling a sudden feeling of suicide? Pray against it towards you and ask God, “Who is this for?” and if He gives a name then pray, rebuke, and release His perfect love.

Situational awareness as well. Now I am not a person who looks for every demon under every rock…however maybe under every other rock there may be some critters. We are not to be ignorant of who we are in Christ and who the enemy is around us. By situational awareness we can know the atmosphere we are in and what to look out for. You feel creeped out in that person’s house? Release and bless the house with God’s presence.

Discernment in inner healing and deliverance is a HUGE key to can unlock many doors which can prevent running around and trying to figure things out on our own.

For the sake of not belaboring this blog post, which I can tend to do, I will leave you with this. God is a feeler and we are feelers. Maybe you don’t feel as much and that’s is 100% OK. I’m sure there are some who would love to switch places with you many times lol. But for those who do feel and have been confused I hope this has helped. If you have more question please ask. For those who don’t feel but want to then ask God for His Bread and His Presence. First and foremost we want to discern Him and His Presence and His good above all.

Here is a new teaching by Arthur Burk about Developing Discernment, which I intend to consume soon. http://www.theslg.com/downloads/490-developing-discernment-download.html

Thanks for reading and please like and leave a comment on when you have discerned something good or evil. How did you know it was good or evil? What was the feeling you had?



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  1. this also happens when an intercessor (me) prays for someone. It seems I pray best when I take on the other’s feelings / issues. Then I have a better idea what I’m praying through / dealing with. I discovered also that after such episodes I need to “wash up” and give those feelings back to God / the other person. A simple, “cleanse me” prayer is sufficient. I discovered it because after a prayer session on Sunday, on Monday I was depressed, but it wasn’t my depression, and as I explored / prayed it through I found it was left over from my Sunday intercession. I’ve been washing up after intercession ever since.

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  2. Thanks for this brother. I wrote something yesterday and in it I quoted Paul from 2Cor 5 when he said

    2Co 5:6 So we are always confident, knowing that while we are at home in the body we are absent from the Lord.
    2Co 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.
    2Co 5:8 We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.

    Then last night(which is your morning up there yonder)I mulled over that passage. It always bugs me that Paul is saying we are separated from Jesus while we are in the body, as if we have die to go and be with Jesus. The rest of the new covenant tells us everywhere that He is with us now and we are with Him, even one spirit with Him.

    But then I thought maybe we could look at it like this:

    “If I am making my body my home instead of my spirit, then I am absent from the Lord…I live by faith not by sight…so therefore I make my spirit my home and am very present, by faith, with Jesus.”

    You are absolutely right on the main thread of this post. I have suffered terribly with depressed moods and suicidal thoughts and self hatred and negativity and loss of jobs and loss of health over the last 5 years. Now I find my daughter going through the the same muck. Then yesterday being my birthday, my sister phones me from interstate and tells me foir the first time how she went through a long battle depression which ended in a heart attack at 48! She said I thought no one cared at all whether I lived or not. She is not a believer.

    I recognise those words myself and now realise that I have been God’s intercession for her and many others whilst being immersed into all of the same darkness at His pleasure , laying down His life for others in me and as me.

    Then this morning I had a thought before coming to the computer…..maybe the heart condition I have(arrythmia and heart murmur) is related to what Jesus said,”people’s hearts failing for fear of those things coming upon the earth” ? Maybe I am interceding for them by going through this in their place with Jesus in my spirit?

    Then I read your post.

    I know what to do now to come though this heart scare, and it is not for me but all those I am carrying through with me.
    Praise Him more…..thank Him more….lift up His Sovereignty in praise and thanksgiving over all the things happening upon the earth.
    Doing that will see my own heart tremors fade away and I believe will help others to in some mystical way.
    Thanks my brother.
    Love in Him.

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    1. Very interesting! Thanks for the comment. We are first spirit, then soul, then body definitely. It would behoove me to ask or point out that what you, your sister, and daughter are going through could be a generational curse of sorts. Might be something you would want to look into. Also what may help is fully grieving things in your past. Not fully grieving could produce heart issues as well. Go to http://www.theslg.com/content/120-blessing-your-spirit-beloved-son for some free blessings for your spirit! It will do wonders.

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  3. Yes, I believe you are right about that too! Thanks Jesus! Obviously my sister and daughter cannot even talk to me about their inner most knots –I have to carry all this out so they can be free too.
    You say “fully” grieve. How does one know if they have fully grieved and not less than fully? That could leave you in a never ending search for the magical fully grieved place…no?

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    1. Fully grieved means the past thing no longer keeps you bound to it. Fully grieved means you can safely visit something and not emotionally react as strong as normal. Ultimately it means giving is fully over to the Lord and trusting Him in the midst of it all. Def don’t manufacture grief either. That is more like a pity party type thing.

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  4. I suppose grief is like the layers of an onion. I have grieved as led by the Lord over the years. But maybe there is more to do. I was saying last night to my wife how my family (who live 3300km away from me as I moved away at 18) “are all so stuck to the land where the dead relatives are buried…they will never move away from the graves!” They go regularly and talk to the dead at the cemetery. I have never done such things being a believer..but have been on a different path than them.
    My history before Christ. My mum had a fling with a young guy when they were teens and I was the result. His family were high society, mum from a poor family. They wanted me aborted. My mum’s mum said she would care for me and mum. At 3mths, another dad came along and married my mum in 1962. It was my 54th birthday yesterday.
    My step dad was a freemason–I have been through all that renunciation.
    He died of bowel cancer at 55.
    After that I left the nest and travelled west –3300km away and have lived here ever since.
    I never grieved his death for about 10 years.
    At 32 I found out that he was not my real dad, it was kept a secret from me.
    Never met my real dad. He died in 2011. Met a half brother though who told me our dad hated God…and that dad’s mother eventually committed suicide–same one who wanted me aborted. My brother said he hated her.
    My 3 sisters from my mum suffered the common things children do under a freemason curse.
    Won’t go into that here.
    But in my own family as I mentioned my daughter is suffering similar types of curse things…and I have been experiencing it too.
    But I have already renounced stuff and had other experiences with the Lord healing me in relation to the abortion thing and the death of my step dad etc etc.
    The fear is that I will go back chasing every little thing down the worm-hole when the cross has dealt with it all already. Hasn’t it? Anyway…I actually had hardly heard of A Burke..and wrote their ministry yesterday telling my story. Now I find you writing about his teaching.
    Have downloaded a heap of his audios.
    Thanks Jordon

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      1. God has been doing amazing things. I went away fasting and seeking to the bush and took with me Arthur Burk’s teachings on spiritual warfare. Went through much repentance and breaking off of generational stuff. Have come into a new place of authority and we are seeing things changing. 2016 is looking very exciting! Am so empowered and full of hope and assurance. You have a part in my restoration brother, thanks!!! Dennis

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  5. I believe you are talking about one of the spiritual gifts: A word of knowledge: When God shows us something that is going on with another person at the moment; different from prophetic words – fore or forthtelling.
    My training and experience is, when we get a word of knowledge, we get to pray for that person; God is healing, protecting, providing, delivering and/or saving them.

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  6. Great post! This is not a subject that is often talked about and is very much needed. Yes, I have to agree with ‘clarksapoet’ and others who equate this as part of the gifts of the spirit.

    For me, I was immediately reminded of the following verse:
    Psalm 69:9 NKJV Because zeal for Your house has eaten me up, And the reproaches of those who reproach You have fallen on me.

    For those who desire to be ‘like’ their Master, this is one of those unique aspects of Him. He truly ‘bore’ our sorrows and our griefs (Isaiah 53). I remember the first time I began to experience the pains ‘not my own’ and the Spirit of the Lord told me that I was to pray in agreement with Him that those I was ‘touched’ with their pain, would be healed. Not always did I learn who it was I was praying for but there were times He allowed me to meet them.

    This is just the beginning, the early steps of learning to walk in this manner. As we grow in knowledge and understanding and through trusting in the Holy Spirit to always guide us and show us what to do, it becomes ‘second nature’ to us and not something out of the ordinary. In fact, that is what the Holy Spirit’s goal is to bring us to that place in the Kingdom of God to where what we at first considered extraordinary, becomes ordinary as we take our place in His kingdom.

    God is seeking those who will ‘agree’ with Him which, when acted upon through faith in our hearts and confession of our lips, enables Him to act on that which He has desired to act upon. (Ezekiel 22:30-31). If we do not act, then vs 31 comes into effect. Standing in the gap is intercession and building the wall represents building ‘salvation’. (Isaiah 60:18)

    What a wonderful opportunity to do as Aaron and Hur did when Moses’ arms grew weak. First they brought to him a ‘rock’ to sit on (restoring faith in Christ) and then held his arms up (intercession) until the battle was won. What was depicted in Exodus 17 by Aaron and Hur is a picture of what Galatians 6:1 teaches. The meaning of Aaron and Hur’s names form the basis of what a ‘spiritual man’ is as spoken of in Galatians 6:1. Aaron means ‘enlightened; rich; mountaineer’ and Hur means ‘free; noble’. Enlightened means to be free from misinformation (being a Berean) is a good example of that one. A mountaineer is one who has learned to overcome a mountain by taking it one step at a time. Rich of course means to be rich in the kingdom of God. Free means that one knows and understands the truth that makes one free when that truth is practiced. And Noble is one who lays down his life for others. Combined, we can see their actions in the lives of Aaron and Hur. Instead of disqualifying Moses, they acted to support him, who was called of God but failed in this one thing by trying to accomplish the will of God in his own strength.

    Apologize for going on like this. I am just so excited to hear this message of yours. It has been a long time for me. Blessings to you by friend and brother in Christ.

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