Things have been a tad foggy…I could use a little help

I’m not one to ask for help. Could be my maleness or my Polishness; unsure at this point. It could very well be my soul vying for dominion because God knows the soul has had the throne uncontested for some time. I feel in my spirit a satisfaction that comes from knowing the affection of my Heavenly Father regardless of activity. My soul has the need for affirmation and perfection, both of which will never come outside of Him. Right now the soul is pinning down the spirit and the count is two with one second left to spare. It may be a last-ditch effort to show the spirit who is boss…at that is where you may come in.

I have 9 blogs in draft, one being a short story, and a two books held in my spirit: a novel and non-fiction. At the moment time is the commodity in need, even though Ravel and Rachmaninoff stole some of it when it was available. So far 100% of my blogs have been written in the midst of turmoil; the turmoil of my job. I work an IT help desk job so I am on and off the phone all day and attempt to write in the between. When I go home I tend to thwart all needs for a computer. All writers know “writer’s block” and loathe it at times. I struggle with that as well.

I am not a popular blogger and don’t have hundreds of likes, shares, or views but that doesn’t matter. This blog is more for me than you but I do it for you more than me (if that makes any sense at all). I am asking for prayer. That I would access the time I have and that it would be redeemed. Also that this last-ditch effort of the soul would be thwarted by an even stronger reversal from my spirit (after all the spirit loves the soul much than the soul loves the spirit (at least according the soul’s current view-point)). That any all fog would lift.

I’m also “planning” on moving to another state and city both of which are Teacher redemptive gift which I also am a Teacher redemptive gift (see There is an immense blessing that would come with this and an immense ability to respond and redeem the negatives that can also creep in. I could use prayer for a job for my wife and I that could make for a much smoother transition being as I am not moving for work but for God’s leading. He’s provided before and I know He will provide again.

I’m learning and filling myself up with much teaching and tools that I need and that I can minister to others with. As a Teacher I am prone to want to get every teaching, listen to every sermon, or read every book I can on a subject. This can be good but at the same time could take up that commodity called time. I had some responses from my blog: I’d Love To Help In Any Way I Can and so far fruit has come out of it. Prayer points for that would be increased wisdom, discernment, and insight.

In the midst of great things happening things can still get foggy. Please pray that either the fog will lift our for my spirit to focus on the Light in the midst of it. I also am Asthmatic, which sucks, and dealing with panic/stress related feelings in my body both of which I’m looking for insight into healing and deliverance from. I’m also overweight so I need some healthy discipline and self-control in that area. Both Asthma and panic/stress issue hold me back from exercise. The other day I was listening to two individuals who love Jesus but are riddled with health issues and it breaks my heart that surviving is so hard using artificial and fabricated medicines. “White knuckling” life in the midst of a promised abundant life. I wanted to weep and I’m welling up slightly recalling the conversation.

Above all I want a more intimate walk with my Daddy, Dad, Father, and King. To walk in full Sonship. To hear, feel, see, and experience Him more fully. That my spirit would rise to dominion and my soul would finally rest in submission to my spirit and that the full transfiguration process would continue to progress as I look with an unveiled face.

Thank you and God bless!

PS: thank you to those who have sown into my blog with finances, prayer, likes, comments, encouragement, and admonishment. I know change is happening in you and I and I’m blessed to be a part of it. It is this that spurs me onward.

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  1. STOP. Big red flags all through this, Jordan. The manifest presence of the Holy Spirit, clarity to hear his voice, letting him set your priorities, your agenda and your itinerary, those are your desires, your “main thing.” Are they, in fact? Are you walking in obedience to the Word you already know? Praying for you to BE STILL for a moment and take stock. Make sure the Holy Spirit told you to do all of those things. He will empower what he assigns. John 14-16 would be good to re-read, and re-read, and re-read. The fog will lift.

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    1. Amen! Thank you! I have learned awhile ago that “no” is an anointed word and I use it often. I’m not one to get myself into too much stuff at once. I will soak in John 14-16, which are very good passages.


  2. my first reaction was to chill. i personally loved going thru ‘the office of personhood’ (one of Arthur’s newer teaching) identifying for one month what we enjoy and validating it by enjoying our joy ( just the first step) it has been so monumental and have found things I have been struggling with are losing power. my awe and wonder are heightened and i sometimes don’t recognise myself. would love to know if this helps. i bless you, Jordan with rest and a unique way forward.

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  3. The verse that sustains me in the middle of my personal “fog” is this particular command of God: “Be careful, be quiet, do not fear and do not let your heart be faint….If you are not firm in faith, you will not be firm at all.’ Isaiah7:4

    I pray all our fogs will disperse in the revealing light of His Spirit as we see more of Christ’s beauty. As the author of Hebrews says, “Consider him …..”

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  4. Bette Cox said something that rang out in my spirit and I associated it with this verse:

    Psalm 46:10 NKJV
    Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!

    This verse tells us how long we are to be still…UNTIL we can ‘know’ Him as being exalted among the nations and being exalted in the earth! These are monumental in scope but until we can ‘see’ that He is above all things, not just mentally acknowledging it but actually come to ‘grasp’ the breadth of His sovereignty, we have not been ‘still’ long enough. Like Mary, we need to choose the ‘better part’ instead of being ‘busy’ with serving.

    For some, this may take longer than others. With Paul, it was 3 years in the desert where the Spirit of the Lord transformed Paul’s thinking and doctrine from what was from man to what was from the Spirit. We all start out in that ‘fog’ where we see through a glass darkly but this is only in our initial stages of growth. As we grow more and more according to the things of the Spirit, our knowledge, understanding and wisdom also grows until we reach full maturity as sons of God. None of this can be achieved because we ‘will it so’ but only as we continue our walking in obedience to the Spirit of the Lord.

    These are truths we ‘know’ mentally but few know experientially. Waiting on the Lord (Isaiah 40:31) is THE most difficult thing we are to do as Christians but one that is ‘required’ of the Spirit. We are constantly surrounded by those who do not know this truth and feel that only by ‘diving in’ will we be able to learn. I know this one personally as I have been ‘told’ by many ministers that I should just jump into the ministry because God has called me. I’ve always responded by saying “I am waiting on the Lord” for Him to approve of me. This was usually met with anger and frustration by those who never did this. On my blog, the Spirit gave me a message, rather dictated to me a message regarding His requirements for ministry which does not match up well with the ‘accepted’ methods. That message is entitled “Requirements For Ministry”. It is a rather lengthy message and makes extensive use of types & shadows and metaphors, which to me, is the language of the Spirit since we can only compare those things of the kingdom of heaven metaphorically to the things of the earth.

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    1. Something God showed Arthur Burk is helping me as well. God asked Arthur what Psalm 1:3 say. “Every tree bears fruit in its season.” Arthur knowing trees realized that depending on the tree the season is different. Some bear fruit the first year, second, every fifth, or up to 20 years from birth. Perspective and His Presence is key.

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      1. Indeed. In my referenced message “Requirements for Ministry”, trees are used as examples and the little known reference Leviticus 19:23-25, shows that once the fruit bearing tree is planted in the promised land, its fruit is to be considered unclean for the first 3 fruit bearing years. On the 4th fruit bearing year, it is still not be eaten of but considered belonging to God (holy). Only in the 5th year can the fruit of that tree be eaten. God has established for us His pattern of readiness for ministry that many have not considered. We think in terms of heart and willingness as the criteria or for some, a stint at bible school or seminary, typically a 4 year period but in what way does this mirror or reflect that which God is looking for and requires.

        Having desired to go to bible college and/or seminary to prepare for the ministry, when I asked the Spirit of the Lord, He emphatically told me not to and also told me that they would not teach me what He wanted me to be taught. Now, many years later and having witnessed many Christian leaders express the fact that bible college/seminary did not prepare them for the ways of the Spirit, I know without a doubt, that God’s methods are far different than man’s.

        We, as Christians, have followed after what others followed after for far too long and we did this without question. Many, so intent of reaching their desire and goals, have been too willing to compromise that still small voice for fear they may be ‘disqualified’ in the end by those in charge. This ‘compromise’ becomes a way of thinking and soon, a stronghold that needs to be torn down so that the Spirit of the Lord may have His way in them to accomplish greater things, according to God’s view and not man’s, than we could ever have considered.

        In fact, we are entering a new phase of God’s working in the hearts of His children that will effectively undo years of groundwork already established. This ‘new to us’ framework of the working of His Spirit will literally revolutionize what it means to be a Christian as established by the norms of yesterday. No, we will no longer be driving our grandfather’s buick but will be in the driver’s seat of something so revolutionary as to defy all description. For this, all ‘established’ norms must be crushed and done away with.

        The walk of the Christian was never supposed to be viewed as ‘normal’ but instead, it was to be something that could only be described as ‘supernatural’! Too long have we languished in the traditions of our forefathers and not walked according to God’s Holy Spirit. What I see coming and have been so longing for, is a day when the supernatural will be so commonplace among God’s children that only they will view it as commonplace but not according to what used to be termed commonplace but will be known as the ‘new normal’ according to that description that Paul coined in his letters.

        Years ago, I was asked by the Lord when I inquired of Him when I should be ‘ready’ to be released into my called office, “Do you want to have fruit that will only last 70-80 years or do you want fruit to last hundreds of years?” The reference was to the fruit bearing years of an apple tree versus that of an olive tree. Needless to say, I chose the latter. I am so glad I did. Each time “I” thought I was ready, He graciously and very patiently showed me I was not ready. Patience is His ‘mantra’ while we continue to soak up that which He wants us to receive from His ‘perspective and presence’.

        Until our perspective match His while we continue in His presence, we must continue to allow Him to teach us, guide us until our ‘water’ has been turned into ‘wine’. Our knowledge of the bible turns into His anointing that breaks every yoke. We do not know when this happens until, like the servant bringing the water to the governor of the feast, we obey the Lord when He tells us to present ourselves to the Father and only then will the Father exclaim that our water was no longer water but had turned to wine. I remember fully well that day. It was the day He took me up to a high mountain in a large range of mountains and showed me all His kingdom. Even the furthest mountain, some hundreds of miles away, could be seen as clearly as the one I was standing on. When I heard His voice behind me saying, “I have compassion on My people. Who will go to help them?” THIS was His releasing me for I had received this very vision my first year as a believer and with this re-visited vision, all the mysteries of the kingdom had been given to me and with His words spoken to me, I knew I was being released.

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        1. Amen! Bible School isn’t really an option for unless the Lord provides such however Elijah House, Sozo, and Healing Rooms training is all I’ve had via man. The past 2-3 years has been a huge boost in learning, growing, and humbling.

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          1. Amen! When ‘gleaning’ from the well worked fields of Boaz, those fully established in the service of the King, it becomes less like a ‘school’ and more like ‘discipleship’ into the things of the Spirit.

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  5. Jordan, you are helped!
    You are strengthened with the might of the Holy Spirit. You are propped up rightly by His Grace! I pray that this fog lifts as you bask in the ceaseless beams of Light that shine out of His Word.
    I pray that this spell of leanness will pass quickly as the sun of Grace rises to full strength in your heart. May His Wisdom and Strength direct and invigorate you. Let this fog pass and return no more! In the Name of Jesus!
    For your joy and certainty is anchored in the King of Kings!
    Be at rest Brother in His presence!
    You are Lifted!

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  6. First, thank you for the follow. I’m kinda new here with barely any followers either, but I keep on keeping on, giving my testimony to those who need, care, or want to hear.
    As far as the fog, it can honestly be looked at as a good thing. Maybe, you need the time, the lag, the lapse, just to reflect. Maybe your post, crying out and all, was for someone else to see because, they are dealing with what you are feeling, but have no voice. Maybe you gave them a voice and clarity. There’s a time and season for everything. Right now could be the time to stop and smell the coffee. You are sure that God hears you and will not bring you this far to leave you. I’ve learned in the midst of my rock bottom, God needed my full and undivided attention for new adventures, so stillness was the name of the game. Your adventure has been and is well on its way. As the Lord, and when the Lord sees fit, you will have what you want and need at the appointed time. However, I do rebuke anything that had or has come against you and your walk towards all of God’s blessings for you. You got this!!! I know you’ve got this and I don’t even know you. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt love letter to the Lord.

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