I wish someone had intervened…

People need freedom. They need to connect with who they are. Our spirits are designed to interact with our selves and to do that exploration is necessary. What makes you come alive? What makes you move? What speaks to your inmost being? Do it and thrive!

Living Differently

little princessAbove:  Conventional school made this creative-creature very, very miserable.

Every time I read this story, I get a bit emotional…

Gillian was only eight years old, but her future was already at risk.  Her schoolwork was a disaster, at least as far as her teachers were concerned.  She turned in assignments late, her handwriting was terrible, and she tested poorly.  Not only that, she was a disruption to the entire class, one minute fidgeting noisily, the next staring out of the window, forcing the teacher to stop the class to pull Gillian’s attention back, and the next doing something to disturb the other children around her.  Gillian wasn’t particularly concerned about any of this – she was used to being corrected by authority figures and didn’t really see herself as a difficult child – but the school was very concerned.  This came to a head when the school wrote to…

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  1. This just underscores that God creates each of us to be unique. No cookie cutter creations for our God. It also highlights that what you are called to do and what God needs from you may be, and likely is, entirely different from what he wants from me. I will not be judged by what you are, nor vice versa. Rabbi Harold Kushner tells a great story about Zusya standing before God. The drift of the story is that God didn’t expect him to be another Moses or Solomon, He expected him to be the best Zusya he could be.

    I need to spend more time working to be the best me, and less time trying to make everyone else like me.

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    1. I’ve heard in ministry when someone doesn’t “get” something using music utilizes a channel to connect right and left brain. I also learned in “Brain Rules” by John Medina that smell is an incredible tool for learning.

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