A Blockage to Hearing God

How does this image hit your soul? How does it hit your spirit? I know how it hits me. “Wait till your father gets home!”

There are many articles, blogs, books, videos, and messages with a myriad of lists with possible blockages to hearing God. I will speak on behalf of experience and expound somewhat on one thing in my life that blocked it or more correctly held me back from wanting to listen.

First the back story.

Like I’m sure many of us who haven’t walked with God all our life things were messy. We sinned and for a time loved it. I did. But then God came in His goodness…and the enemy with his badness. For me there was a daily struggle between condemnation, conviction, and correcting or whatever terms you like to use. I held a lot of shame in my spirit not the soul. Shame resides in the spirit of a person. Also being an introspective introvert didn’t make it any easier. I was constantly aware of my failures, character defects, etc. In my mind I had this constant sountrack playing that I kept offending and hurting and was a disappointment to my heavenly Father. Here was the agreement and inner vow: I have failed God so many times by sinning I dare not seek Him or else He will tell me to do something that I know I won’t do thus sinning and not being obedient again. How dare I seek His face and ask Him to speak when I know I won’t do it. See what shame does? See what demonically inspired introspection fueled by religion does? It cripples you. It crippled me. One of my only prayer for years was either “Bless this food to my body” or “God please forgive me and cleanse me.” What was weird is that I could hear for others just great. I could prophesy and have words of knowledge and they would be spot on in most cases. For me it was easy to do that when I wasn’t responsible for the outcome. A person could deliver mail all day without a worry until they receive their own mail. When I saw my mail all I saw was bills and junk mail. So what blocked me was I didn’t want to disobey God once again. Best way not to disobey is not hear Him speak because I always thought He would be directive. I never knew He just wanted to chill. Hang out. Enjoy ME for ME. I didn’t know God could and would enjoy the current version. I’m thinking of the digital age we live in where it’s all about the latest greatest version. New comes along and the old gets discarded. Thrown away. Worthless.

And then I found out a secret…God will not set you up for failure. That a test is not designed for your failure or to show you what you are not. But a test is a joyful exploration of my Father’s goodness wrapped up in my seeming frailty and taking life on together. God may set your unrenewed self up to fail or rather realize apart from Him you can do nothing. Know this: God wants you to come to Him warts, spots, and all because He’s already washed them away. Seeking His face is about knowing Him intimately not to get a to-do list. Jesus’ first and second commandment are to love Him and others as ourselves. Love doesn’t produce a project to be completed or a problem to be solved. Love produces an environment where the good, bad, and ugly can reside side by side until the Holy Spirit and man’s spirit come into agreement and start to bring redemptive death to those things in order for resurrection power to come forth.

The religious spirit will do all it can from keeping you from God just like the Pharisees did. In the Old Covenant condemnation was the ministry (see 2 Cor. 3:9) New Testament’s ministry is righteousness. Old Covenant death came by getting close. New Testament life comes by getting close.

If you’ve ever felt like how I felt then today is a new day. God won’t set you up for failure. Even if He does ask you to do something and you don’t do it then there is great grace abounding to you. That is what relationships are about. Walking together through the thick and thin. Blood is thicker than your inabilities.


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  1. Question…
    What if you are walking in God and feel lead to do a work or works and EVERY time you obey, it gets snatched from you before you have even seen the fruit of the labor? This has been my life since childhood. I still obey but I have grown slower in my proceeding forward. I’ve lost jobs and friends in my obedience. I will not STOP listening/praying and obeying! I just tell myself, once there’s going to come a time when the enemy is going to fail; and what awesome things I will accomplish with God leading the way, pointing to His kingdom!

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    1. Great question! I would suppose it would come down to specifics because depending on the situation and circumstances the answer would vary. Sometime the enemy needs to be rebuke, bound, etc. Sometime one person sows and another waters and it is up to the Lord to bring increase in His timing. Arthur Burk shared a revelation about the Scripture that says every good tree bears good fruit. God asked, “Which tree?” Different trees bears fruit at different times and seasons. Some take months others decades. If you know you are being obedient and that what you are hearing from Him is confirmed (thought He may not always confirm) then the fruit isn’t up to you. It may seem harsh and hard to hear but the fruit is up to Him. Some peoples fruit are just now coming to fruition. Take Abraham and others for instance. Thousands of years pass by and just now God is bringing increase. If we walk before God with purity of mind, will, emotions, and by our spirit then we can hear “Well done good and faithful servant daughter.” There may be others things blocking fruit but only the Lord and you and get together and explore why.

      I hope that helps πŸ™‚

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  2. It helped in that you at least answered my question instead of leaving me hanging there, wondering if I’m invisible. This may sound strange but sometimes when I see my shadow made from the sun, I’m amazed I have one…a shadow. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for your encouraging words but as you said, only God and I can explore the answer. ..Maybe that’s what God wants, my constant searching because then, I’m in his presence.

    God bless and keep you. πŸ™‚

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    1. https://youtu.be/osoFi4DE4Es I would watch this YouTube video. If it bears witness then great, if not then that’s ok. It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, the glory of kings to search it out.

      Personally I’ve been struggling with panic attacks for the past two years. I’ve wanted God to just heal me right now but instead I’m exploring, with Him, the roots of it. That way, when I’m healed, I can bring my own experience and wisdom into someone else’s same issue and bring healing/deliverance.

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      1. Jordan,

        Thank you for the video, I watched it. There’s some truth here that applies to me but I’ve not left my Lord out of situations, I can’t! He’s carried me through my whole life. My childhood was a nightmare and it’s because God made himself known to me, I survived and am still surviving. πŸ™‚

        Thank you for your encouragement, I needed it.

        Now let me pray for you as you battle with anxiety attacks. Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, lift from off Jordan’s shoulders this heavy burden of anxiety that brings on indescribable fear/sadness that petrifies his soul. Keep the enemy away that holds Jordan back from doing even more amazing things for your Kingdom. In Jesus authoritative name we agree in prayer, amen.

        ~ For Jesus’ Sake

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