Excuse Me, But Do I Know You?

2 Corinthians 5:16
Therefore from now on we recognize no one according to the flesh; even though we have known Christ according to the flesh, yet now we know Him in this way no longer.

Interesting scripture I must say. From now on we recognize no one according to the flesh. I’m sure we all of read that and maybe thought about it but quickly finished our bible reading for the day. Forgive my sarcasm :). I’ve read it plenty times but I love when God highlights the scripture. Holy Spirit Sharpie Highlighter! Anywhoo… So what does Paul mean by this? I immediately think of 1 Cor. 6:11 which states: “Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God. Paul was recognizing them for who they are and not what they were doing. How many of us are trying to crucify the flesh or die to self? And no matter how much we do, we aren’t reflecting that truth. Ever hear of Phantom Pain or Phantom Limb Syndrome? Get this: people are operating out of something that isn’t there. Something that has been cut off. Something that is no longer a part of them. I researched(if you could call it that) phantom pain/limb syndrome and there are reports of people still feeling the limb and even gesticulating with the phantom limb while talking. I mean in no way to offend amputees btw so please don’t think I’m making light of actual people experiencing this. I say this because the thought occurred to me that if humans can walk and operate like they still have a limb that isn’t there that Christians still operate in something that isn’t there. This is what I like to call Phantom Flesh Syndrome. Now I’m getting off track…which happens when I blog. More on Phantom Flesh Syndrome on a later post.

Back to what I was saying before. The Kingdom is an inner man, spiritually discerned, God breathed life and outlook. We cannot recognize others based on what is dead. We need to call to life or call to a realization of what is already alive. Kingdom looks beyond the veil of flesh into the inner man created in God’s image(read previous Mirror Mirror post). I do not mean we do not acknowledge falling short of our brothers and sisters but we do not recognize as that action because it is no longer the core of who they are. There may be some root issues to deal with but at the core it is not who they are. Paul was pointing out these issues but countered it by saying, “such were(past/dead) some of you but you were washed/sanctified/justified.” You are no longer what you were.

I like how Paul thinks. Grace upon grace. He didn’t recognize them according to the flesh but spoke on their identity. That is why New Testament prophecy is about one who prophesies for edification and exhortation and consolation. That is directed at the same church! How many of us prophesy our words of knowledge? Did you know there is a difference? That is also for another post. Where is the light in an individual? The Divine spark present? Are you mirroring back the negative dead stuff or the alive Kingdom stuff? Are you calling people higher or just exposing what the blood has covered/washed away? No matter the person Christian or Pre-Christian they are created in God’s Image. Are we muddying up the mirror or washing it for people to properly see the image of Him who create them? How do you recognize people? By their sin or by their Redeemer? These are all question we need to ask ourselves when relating to people. Most importantly how did Jesus see those the religious deemed Image-less?

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  1. Excellent analogy. Fantastic insight. I love the imagery of our phantom flesh pains. Best practice: keep step with the Spirit. Grace and pace with Him make for a very powerful walk indeed.

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  2. “How do you recognize people? By their sin or by their Redeemer?” Powerful thought I want to chew and have become a part of me.

    In the process, I plan to quote it on FB and Twitter, with link to your post.

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  3. First, thanks for stopping by my blog. I know the Holy Spirit led you, because He used you so that I might find your ministry! (Yes it is a ministry!) Anytime we serve the leading of the Holy Spirit and we serve our brothers and sisters and those we come in contact with, it’s ministry.
    I love your analogy using the carnal nature of man and the phantom limb syndrome. I have tried for years to think of a way to present a comparison and I’ve been ministering for 40 plus years!!! That’s a great example in itself of what has been called “Body Ministry,” each one of us having our own individual gifts to add to the Body of Christ, the true Spiritual Church! When I see something like this that awakens my spirit I can’t help but rejoice.
    One thing I do want to put out there in relation to others being awakened spiritually as compared to those that ARE created in the Lord’s Image but haven’t had their spiritual awakening yet, is that the Scriptures tell us that, “But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” – 1Corinthians 2:14.
    I stated this only to say that we CAN see others in relationship to whether they have been reborn of their spirit by the acceptance that Christ Jesus has come and died for them or not. The Epistle of 1John is very clear that we can know who a brother or sister is and in essence with other Scriptures in their context we can assume that our (reborn or reawakened) spirit will bear witness to another who’s spirit has undergone the same because of the Life of the Holy Spirit which bears witness to Christ in us and to our awakened spirit.
    Sadly though, many teachers and preachers are using this as an excuse NOT to demonstrate love to our neighbor whom may not have heard of or accepted Christ as Redeemer. This is NOT the case! I have heard too many say that we are to “love” the sinner, but hate the sin and yet can find no way to exercise this belief because they can’t associate with a sinner.
    This is due to a lack of teaching and as you hinted above, seeing a Scripture and saying to oneself, my work is done for now. There is no meditation, no pursuing a thought until its end, or no study of a verse or paragraph in context with the rest of Scripture. It’s been too easy to allow the one behind the pulpit to do the work for us. This has almost become epidemic, yet there are still those that teach, “Study to show YOURSELVES approved!”
    Anyway, enough exhortation!! I love your insight and especially your knowledge of the Word. You do realize don’t you that when the Scriptures say, “From the abundance of the mouth (or pen or written word) the heart speak,” that it doesn’t take long to recognize a brother or sister in the Lord??!! I am thankful to the Holy Spirit for bringing us together for all of the Lord’s children who find one another such as through this type of medium, only brings the Body of Christ that much closer and thus makes it that much stronger.
    I’m going to place your site on my links page and I’ll be coming back. I follow a lot of sites and I do try to make the rounds to them all. I am an avid reader and I love to write, but I do have an ailment that causes pain in my fingertips at times (as well as everywhere else! LOL) and sometimes there is a bit of time passing between posts. The thing is, like now, when I feel half-way decent, I go all out and do all I can!!
    But anyway, until next time my brother in Christ, I sincerely pray God’s abundant blessings upon you and yours and even more so as you continue to serve (minister) each of us who come through your site and as you continue to serve our Lord and Redeemer, Christ Jesus!!

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  4. Greetings.
    Read. Considered. Contemplated. Agreed. Within the time-frame of, how you say, eternity, such things realized become those of forgotten events. I do not mean to write a riddle, but, recently, I find the obvious permeated with that not so.
    I thank you for the follow, and I am curious to the “navigation” of certain aspects in this hidden journey.


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  5. Jesus looks at the inner man. God has plans for every one of us. I like to share with people how Jesus died for our sins and truly forgives us when we accept Him in our life. Putting Jesus first, then other people, and then us (JOY). More of Him and less of me. It does make for a joyful life. Thank you for your posts.

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  6. Wow! That makes me realize that I still look at people through the eyes of the world. Jesus doesn’t, yet I do. thank you for your encouragement! Great truth!

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